About Heina Dokter

Heina attended the Artez Institute of Visual Arts in Kampen, graduating from the department of Illustration in 2004 in the Netherlands.


In love with her composing husband Jesse Gorter and her 3 boys and 1 little girl. Loving his (piano)music and drawing and playing games together with the boys on the kitchen table. Walking trough the park and enjoying plants and little insects. She loves to sew clothes and gives sewing lessons to children at art education center Quintus in Kampen.


She loves to colour the beauty of people, animals & plants and the light that changes everything. Ink and pencil are the things she uses to direct a story on paper. The atmosphere and the hand drawn feel is very important to her. With our without outlines is the question!


Old-fashioned, vintage pictures are also very inspirational.


Elizabeth Bode, Sestra Magazine, Eo Visie, Belle magazine, Plan Nederland, NGK Semenarie. Uitgeverij Jongbloed, Uitgeverij Brandaan.